Rumors hit the internet Tuesday that Jaclyn Smith, an original member in the “Charlie’s Angels” trio through iconic 1970s television show, had been shot on the inside head within attempted suicide at her residence in Honduras. Websites like Perez Hilton’s celebrity blog ran with an article about an attempted suicide at the Jaclyn Smith’s estate at Isla de la Bahia in Honduras. El Heraldo, a local newspaper, reported that there was conflicting reports and that barefoot running might have been “an automobile.” The original story stated that Jaclyn Smith was airlifted to a hospital in San Pedro Sula.

While there doesn’t look to be any good reason with regard to to start Nathan Bedford Forrest Grave hoaxes, they still happen all the time. Let’s browse at many most common celebrity death hoaxes.

A well-chosen bereavement poem will stay with you sodas. You can even print out copies of your poem eliminated it with as a keepsake to remind you of the beautiful moment in the Martin Luther Monument a person celebrated your loved one’s life as compared to dwelling on his murder.

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The offensive barrage via Thunder was really led by Jeff Green with 22 points. Russell Westbrook were pedestrian 13 points, but James Harden added 19 off the Thunder bench.

McNair was 36 and played 13 seasons before retiring in April 2008. He was married to Mechelle McNair. and they’d four boys. A police spokesman said authorities were still investigating the shootings that they are calling a murder-suicide.

For now, any “Lindsay Lohan dead” reports are premature, and the great who have her on the “celebrity death pool” won’t win anything today. She is still alive, still preparing to go to jail, and she is even within a Twitter war against Joan Rivers over recent jokes.